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Mulch, Wood Chips & Wood Slabs in Bloomington, IN

Natural mulch pickup or delivery in Bloomington & Monroe County. Wood slabs delivered nationally.

Locally Sourced

Recycled healthy tree material from Bloomington tree removal service Bluestone Tree

Arborist Reviewed

Our 7 ISA Certified Arborists ensure proper identity of trees best for mulching.


Our mulch & wood slabs keep useful products in Bloomington, and out of the landfill.

Grinding mulch from removed trees

Recycling Healthy Trees Since 2010

When you search for mulch near me in Bloomington, you’ll find our natural mulch options perfect for gardens, planting areas, mulching under trees or hard to grow grass areas. Homeowners, orchards, farms and more depend on Bluestone mulch & wood chips.

Purchase Bloomington mulch for pickup and delivery within Monroe County, supplied by Bluestone Tree tree removal service.

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