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Whole Tree Mulch


Price is per cubic yard. Mulch for pickup can be purchased onsite at 3090 S Walnut St, Monday-Friday 8a-4p.


Delivery: $30 to Bloomington, $45 the rest of the Monroe County. Enter below the number of yards you would like to purchase.

3 YARD MINIMUM FOR DELIVERY.   Need more than 15 yards? please call us 812-824-3335

Price is per cubic yard. Whole Tree Mulch from Bluestone Organic is locally sourced, and contains only clipped healthy tree parts with no added fillers. It decomposes over time and slowly builds organic matter back into the soil, improving soil biology, aeration, structure and drainage.

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What is the difference between Regular and Premium?

Both mulches are made of the same material. Premium is a finer grind, with smaller pieces than Regular. Because of the size difference, Premium will decompose into soil a little faster than regular.

Can I order two types of mulch at once?

We can deliver more than one type of mulch at the same time; however, they will become mixed up when they are dumped. If you are interested in getting more than one type of mulch, an additional delivery will need to be scheduled and fee charged. Please call the office to make arrangements.

Where will my order be dumped?

After entering the delivery address, a prompt will appear which lets you specify where you would like the material dumped. We generally keep our delivery trucks on hard surfaces when delivering mulch to avoid property damage and getting stuck.

What is Whole Tree Mulch made of?

Our Whole Tree Mulch is made of hardwood trees, ground and mixed into a consistent blend. All parts of the tree are utilized, and healthy tree material is the only ingredient.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver Monday-Friday 8a-4p.