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Premium Whole Tree Mulch


Price is per cubic yard.


Where: 3090 S Walnut St.
When: M-F 8-4


We deliver to Monroe County, IN: $30 within Bloomington, $45 the rest of Monroe County. After your address is entered, the delivery option will appear.

3 YARD MINIMUM FOR DELIVERY.  Enter below the number of yards you would like to purchase.

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Price is per cubic yard. Premium Whole Tree Mulch from Bluestone Organic is locally sourced, and contains only clipped healthy tree parts with no added fillers. It decomposes over time and slowly builds organic matter back into the soil, improving soil biology, aeration, structure and drainage. Unlike bark mulch, whole tree mulch will not clump and repel water from getting to the roots, nor will it allow potentially harmful dyes to reach the soil. Our Premium Mulch is screened to less than 3/4 inch sizes pieces.

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