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Clearing Overgrown Patch of Invasives, Tree Pruning & Mulch Application

    A variety of tree services were needed to complete this project.

    Invasive Removal – Vegetation Management

    This overgrown patch of shrubs included a mix of invasive species in Indiana, as well as other other undesirable tree species, including asian bush honeysuckle, purple winter creeper, poison ivy, white mulberry, burning bush, bradford pear, and more. Rather than cut and remove them all, we brought in the forestry mulching machine to grind them down to a mulch. Less than an hour was all it took – a safe and efficient process by our highly experienced machine operator. But vegetation management was not all that we did for this client.

    Tree Pruning & Proper Mulching

    We also pruned 2 trees. First, a white pine to raise the canopy and remove branches hanging over the street. The second was a huge willow oak (pictured above), pruned to clean up the canopy. Underneath the great tree, existing turf was scalped in preparation for spreading whole tree mulch.

    Pruning and proper mulching underneath a tree

    Covering the root zone with 3-4 inches of an organic mulch creates conditions in the soil that benefit the long term health of the tree. Sitting underneath the canopy, on a sunny day with a light breeze are conditions above the soil that just may benefit the long term health of the homeowners.